Stan Johanson

Stan Johanson started writing music in 1988 and carried through to 1992.  During this time he wrote all of the music that would later be compiled in three albums.  These Albums included are: Where It All Began, Voices, and finally War Machine.  After a few years of layoff, he began writing again in 2001 to 2012.  These collection of songs would be included in the album Slow and Easy.  All three albums would then be published from 2014 to 2015.   He wrote and recorded one stand alone track Circle of Life which is a transitional song to the most recent album Black Widow in 2018.


Stan Johanson’s genres includes country, pop, rock, metal, punk and alternative sometimes blending the various genres to create unique sounding tracks.  His music is written in a way that it cannot be dated nor can it be easily categorized into any one category.  He also writes in both traditional and non-traditional song structures making each song a different listening experience.

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